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Change Your Career and Change Your Life By Starting Your Own Business

Change Your Career and Change Your Life By Starting Your Own Business

Even if you're not a born entrepreneur, at some point in your life you've probably toyed with the idea of starting your own business. Perhaps you've even opted out of your mainstream career to strike out on your own. If you have, you're among the legions of men and women who have made the choice to start their own businesses. Unfortunately, many dreams of self-employment turn into nightmares, primarily because many of those who start businesses don't know how to critically assess business opportunities, how to create a business plan, how to read a financial report, or how to design and implement a marketing plan. Truly, the difference between those who succeed and those who fail most often boils down to whether or not the person has acquired the knowledge necessary to launch and operate a business. What most aspiring entrepreneurs don't realize is that the skill set necessary to start a business isn't out of reach. It's simply a matter of finding the right tools and using them to your best advantage. These tools can be found in books, through online college courses, through training, or through the mentorship of a successful businessperson. In a nutshell, these are the steps you need to take in order to change your career and change your life through starting your own business:1. Identify and build on your strengths. If you are a creative person who thrives on the unexpected, starting a bookkeeping business that requires endless hours of number crunching is a recipe for disaster. You need to assess your talents and interests, and then discover how you can use them to create a niche and demand for your product or service. 2. Create a "business plan" . A business plan is both your vision for your business and your roadmap to achieve your goals. It must include defining your product or service, identifying your competitors and differentiating yourself from them, and pinpointing funding and financial opportunities.3. Lay the groundwork. Businesses aren't built in a day, and you have to go through the mundane tasks of setting up bank accounts, securing business licenses, and jumping through the necessary regulatory hoops. 4. Create a marketing plan. Whether or not your business includes e-commerce, you can be sure that the Internet will play a major role in marketing your new business. But there are many other ways of garnering low cost or free advertising and marketing, and you need to make it your business to learn about them. You must also identify your target market and come up with a strategy to bring your product or service to that market. 5. Pay attention to the details. Many businesses fail because of a lack of attention to details - whether that means sloppy accounting practices, poor inventory control, or missing the deadline for a funding source. Launching a business is a balancing act, and you and your team must walk the high wire with aplomb. 6. Acknowledge and dismiss fear. Fear is what often holds us back from achieving our dreams. There's no doubt that leaving your career to start your own business is a downright frightening proposition. But with the right tools, you can acknowledge your fears for what they are, and then boldly move forward on your new career path of self-employment.

Should You Use Sales Letters Before You Cold Call

Should You Use Sales Letters Before You Cold Call

Remember the numbers game? Well, that is the same thought behind sending out sales letters. The hope is that with every hundred or so letters, a few sales will result.

If you dont know how to make a call from scratch and build trust, it seems to make sense to rely on a letter, brochure, or e-mail to do the job. But once you learn how to cold call the right way - with the new mindset - youll realize that sales letters really arent any help at all.

Here are four reasons to consider making "cold call" s without referring to a sales letter:

1. You get pegged as a traditional salesperson right away

When you start your cold call by referring to a sales letter, youre following a traditional sale and marketing technique. This indicates to potential clients that youre a traditional salesperson.

Do you really want to be associated with something that brings up painful memories of sales pressure? Better to break out of that negative salesperson stereotype entirely, and offer something new.

2. People just dont read sales letters all that much

The hope is that potential clients have seen your sales letter before you call. From among all the other letters that arrived on their desk that day, you hope theyve read yours (which is unlikely), and remembered it (even more unlikely).

The idea is that when you call, they already know what the call is about.

However almost no one reads sales letters. If they do, they remember them only vaguely.

3. Cold calling conversations are harder to initiate

Most people take it for granted that it makes sense to send out a letter before cold calling. They think this gives them something to start speaking about. They can say, "I sent you a letter, did you get that?"

Nevertheless, when you call, these are the reactions you typically get:

What letter/e-mail?

What was it about?

Sorry - I dont remember seeing it. What are you selling?

You may as well not have sent out the letter at all. Saying, "Hi, Im just calling to see if you got my letter?" does nothing to move the conversation forward or to generate two-way dialogue. Youre still at square one.

4. A sales letter makes you talk about yourself first

When you start your cold call by explaining what a sales letter was about, youre talking about yourself, your product, and your company.

This is exactly what were trying to avoid in the new cold calling mindset. We want to talk about how to solve their problems first, not about what were selling.

Isnt it true that sales letters, brochures, and e-mails focus entirely on your company and your product or service, rather than on solving a particular clients specific, individual problems? Its essentially just an advertisement that youre referring to. Moreover, youve lost the opportunity to be seen by your potential client now as a problem solver.

Youre just another salesperson whos only interested in making a sale.

So what do we do?

Suppose your marketing manager sent out several letters or e-mails and you need to follow up. How would you open that conversation? By simply making your cold call without mentioning the letter. Just because your company sent out the letters or e-mails doesnt mean you have to refer to them. In most cases, the letters are only going to hurt you, not help you.

Basically, if you have to follow up on a sales letter, then treat the cold call as usual and dont refer to the letter at all. Youll find that you wont be tagged with the "telemarketer" stigma, and you avoid being pulled into the numbers game. At the end of the day, youll feel much more satisfied with your cold calling approach. Youll be able to continue moving forward, firmly anchored in the new "cold calling" ing mindset.

Finding deals for Christmas Shopping

Finding deals for Christmas Shopping

So what do I even mean by that? Simple, they are special offers that shops and companies make more money during the holidays. Some people search the hall town to find a good deal on a Christmas present or gift for their friends and family relatives. After all who doesnt want to save some money?Havent done it before?Why not? Ask yourself why you are throwing your money away if you could buy the same thing on a discount for 50%. So if you are buying a present for 100 euros, you could save up to 50$. And 50$ is quite some money. Think of it in this way. You are just giving it to some person whom you dont know; you could even say you are throwing it out the window.If you are buying a present for a friend or some far family relative, just try to get a discount price on the gift. They will say thanks if you spend 50$ or 500$ and you wont have anything from it.So you are too lazy to search the city for a discount price shop? Thats not a problem. Try searching the web for a bit. You could even bargain in some shops and save even more money. So if you can do it, why dont you take advantage of it and maybe use that money to buy a new car in a couple of years. Just ask the employees for a discount price, the worst thing that they could do is, says NO. And dont be embraced, you arent the only one who is asking and looking to save some money. And after all the employees are paid to be there and consult you for the best item to buy and for how much can they lower the price.So what are you thinking to buy, a new computer, television, or even a small gift like jewelry? Its doesnt really matter. The only thing that matters is that you search for a discount shop and start saving some money, which you could use in a better way in a few years than giving it to some shop owners wearing a tie and having a ton of hair gel.Ever wondered how the really rich families are actually rich? Yea! You guessed it. They save even more money than the families that have really low pays. I mean think about it. Thats why they are rich. In society they are wearing masks, so you actually think that they can afford anything. But believe me. They are saving money on almost all of the items that they buy. Even if you live just once and you wont be taking the money with you to the grave you should anyway consider being economical. Dont try to save money on things like expensive food etc. Just get some Christmas deals.So think about it and start saving some money. You could be living in style!

Outsourcing Myths Shattered: My Personal Experience!

Outsourcing of late has been associated with lots of negative press and publicity. However you will not know the truth till you venture to the field yourself. So I decided to plunge headlong to this field. Initially everyone cautioned me about the pitfalls of outsourcing and tried to discourage me from undertaking it. I thank myself for not listening to them. Cant imagine how much opportunity I would have missed out on. I run an accounting firm with a group of accountants working under me. Tax season sees heavy rush from my customers for tax return preparation, federal income tax preparation and many more aspects of bookkeeping and accounting. Outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting has come as a great boon for accounting firms. Though accounting and bookkeeping is a tiresome and time consuming process, some one has to do the work. I have found accountants in India to be very proficient and hardworking doing the time consuming work for me. Accounting outsourcing has dual benefit for any outsourcing firm. First of all you are able to get highly trained professionals at a substantially lower cost to do the accounting and bookkeeping work for you. Secondly due to the low cost of labor the money saved translates to profit for your firm. Outsourcing work is not limited to accounting, many other sectors of business are getting immense befits by undertaking the outsourcing process for their business. Professional leasing outsourcing (PLO), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), business process outsourcing (BPO) and research process outsourcing (RPO) are some of the avenues of outsourcing which you can use for your business. Security is one vital concern before you undertake any outsourcing work. Anybody will be concerned when their personal information and financial data is sent to a far off place. But we all know about remote server administration. This enables only a select number of people to have access to customer data and financial information. So you have full control over the work done there. Hiring new employee means additional expenses for you. Other than the monthly salary which you will have to pay you also have to consider other things. Health benefits, insurance, other benefits and also consider the number of leave he would require. Also think of the fact that you will virtually eliminate the cost of HR for hiring the employee. Leasing an employee through outsourcing also enables you to see his work and fire him immediately if you are not satisfied with the work done.Work done through the outsourcing process costs much lower, than what would have cost had the work been done by professionals within the country. The amount saved by you automatically translates to profit for your business. I am sure after knowing about so many benefits of outsourcing you will not hesitate to undertake the process. It is always better to try out; there is simply no harm in it. Nonetheless I believe once you have undertaken outsourcing for your business, you are not likely to regret it. I have earned huge amounts thorough my business which I had never been able to do before. To know more about accounting outsourcing visit :

Point Of Sale Products

As a business owner your goal of selling to your customer can be enhanced by the point of sale products that you use. The point of sale is the area in which your customer comes to, in order to pay for his or her items. Whether this is on the web, at an ecommerce website or if it is in a retail location, the final look at what you have to offer is quite important to the customer. Point of sale products are in fact, likely to help you sell whatever it is that you need to if they are used correctly as a marketing medium. Here are some options that you may want to consider. Point of sale often means the cash register, the cash drawer and the receipt printer. If you are one of the many that use these aspects, making them marketing materials can help you. For example, the placement of products that you would like to get rid of near the register allows customers who havent spent all that they planned to to have the opportunity to spend a little more. This is quite effective when the point of sale merchandise is marked down or clearance as they know they are getting a great price on the products. To make this effective, you should use point of sale merchandisers such as toppers for the register or attractive dispensers. Regardless of what the price is for the merchandise, just because it is there, they will look and consider it. Other options that you have include using your marketing dollars to present return coupons for your visitors. For example, on the back of their cash receipt is a coupon for their next visit. This will help encourage their return in a short period of time. Whether you use point of sale merchandise, marketing materials, or even electronic options, taking advantage of the dollar at the point of sale terminal is an excellent opportunity many businesses miss.


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